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The Political Science and International Studies Association is introducing this new publication to campus. It is our goal to offer a voice to Wesleyan students who want to write on political and social issues, of local, national, or global concern. We hope to release two newsletters a semester and , depending on the level of interest, continue the paper with regular issues in the future. The newsletter is open to students and faculty who wish to share their work with the Wesleyan community. We will consider submissions that are about Virginia Wesleyan, but they should address issues that reach beyond the campus boundary. This may include articles, opinion pieces, cartoons, poetry or any other work that you think might be appropriate. All submissions or ideas may be e-mailed to the co-presidents of the PSISA, Ryan Gillespie or Stefanie Njissen. The students who have worked together to put this paper out share the value that a mouthpiece on social and political issues ought to be available to V.W.C. students. On political issues we range from conservative to liberal to left and we will accept submissions representing all political perspectives.

Ryan Gillespie (ragillespie@vwc.edu), Co-President, PSISA, Political Science
Stefanie Njissen (scnijssen@vwc.edu), Co-President PSISA, International Studies
Ina Solms-Baruth (cmsolmsbaruth@vwc.edu), Organizing Committee and inspiration for this venture
Jeremy Hickman (jthickman@vwc.edu), Organizing Committee, Publisher and Webmaster
William Gibson (wgibson@vwc.edu), Faculty Representative, Political Science
Laura Landolt (llandolt@vwc.edu), Faculty Representative, International Studies

This site is devoted primarily to the PSISA newspaper, but other foci may appear soon.

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