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Season for Non-Violence

Campus Kaleidoscope


Campus Kaleidoscope was founded by The National Conference for Community and Justice in 1985 as a pilot program at colleges and universities across the United States. The goal of the organization is to prepare college students for effective citizenship in our richly diverse society.

Kaleidoscope serves as an umbrella organization to partner with other Virginia Wesleyan College student clubs and organizations. Together, they co-sponsor events that will enhance appreciation of our differences, develop personal and institutional understanding of bias, bigotry and racism, and empower student leaders to include those who are different to make our community more inclusive and, as a result, more productive and innovative.

"We have a commitment to make the next century better. To embrace our increasingly diverse neighbors and colleagues. To be a transformed country and globe, where the word community is synonymous with words like whole, inclusive and just. And we start when we open our minds."                                   

 - Sandford Cloud, Jr. President, NC3.C



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